Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Falling Walls

I'm doing something different in a couple weeks: Attending a conference on a topic that's not my own, just to break out of the box and see something else. There's no real desire for change on my side, neither am I intending to become omniscient over night, but it will give me a good opportunity to see what else is out there. Plus I get out of Nigeria, into Berlin, and get to see a host of fun things and friends. Win-win really.

As part of the scholarship I'm meant to present a Breakthrough of my own on the day before the real thing. I'm interpreting that liberally and hoping that few at the conference have heard of the BOP, let alone how to serve them, and am doing mine on "Breaking the Wall of Poverty Perception". The number of slides are limited so in this case not particularly descriptive. I hope you can make sense of them nonetheless. Comments welcome; maybe I can sneak in an edit before D-day. I'm planning to experiment with live blogging from the event - lets see how it goes.