Tuesday, 24 April 2007

getting scared

I am seeing dangers around more African corners these days. I don't know why. Cant say I'm getting old despite my gray hair. Maybe its the company. Or maybe its just some rational thoughts finally finding their way to my brain. Truth be told, after seeing this in front of the university its not surprising that I feel a little wobbly on the back of Baas' scooter.

Have the same, hypochondriac reaction every time I've got diarrhea. "Malaria" is always the first thought. Must say that I really did think I had it after a trip to Hell the other day. Hell looks like this:
Sunny Sunday. Slight Hangover. Went to the beach to hang out and kitesurf but were let down by the wind. A tip from a "friend" led us to another place (Hann) with wind but also with the most disgusting, smelly collection of dead Algae I have ever seen. There were kids playing football, but I wonder who had broken their nose as the stench unbearable. The water was black with waste, oil in touch. Vultures were picking out dead fish from the "sea" at will. In all my time I've never seen anything like it. Never even got to take a pic, I was so distraught. And that's the spot of the Dakar Sailing club???!
Sick for the rest of the day with the smell stuck in my nose. Squirted fluid essence up it, but to no avail. Still in shock...

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