Wednesday, 13 May 2009

CDC & its critics

While in the UK I read a Sunday Times article about the CDC inquiry at the Public Accounts Committee. It surprised me slightly because i always thought of CDC as a world-leading DFI. Now the combined effect of the economic crisis that has already triggered a witch-hunt of top managers, and some mistakes at CDC, Actis & co., has made them the subject of aggressive accusations, even slander. The good thing about this media hype is that CDC and its fund managers will be made to act. The bad thing is that many of these critics have a much greater goal: to bring the entire field of business-driven poverty alleviation into disrepute. 

The whole business was still a little murky to me, so i set about crystallizing accusations and the truth behind them. Ended up longer than I wanted so I cant really post it here, but if you're interested you could read the draft version.

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