Thursday, 11 October 2012

Digesting Singularity

It's been a couple of months since I left my new home. Singularity was an amazing, life changing experience - one I wish for everybody alive.

In digesting what I've seen and heard a parting piece of advice from our GSP coordinator, David Roberts, stuck in my head.
"on arriving," he wrote "focus all your attention to understand their summer experience -- and resist the temptation to arrive home, bust in the door, and start first talking about how amazing YOUR summer was -- without them"
So I did, or rather tried to do. As a result I'm only just trying to publicly digest what I've gone through. My first attempt last night was targeted at some wonderful friends we meet with on Wednesday's to discuss things people are involved in. The presentation* was a partial success - I forgot how scared people (including me) are when they first hear about these innovations. So my plan - to make up for Singularity's biggest flaw, and to explore how these great new technologies can be applied to where they are needed most, didn't really work out. Instead we spent most of the time digesting what has happened.

Maybe that's where it's at though now. Shows what a seminal experience Singularity was that now, 2 months later, i still have no clue how to talk about it.

*(watch out, its meant for private consumption so I haven't sorted out the copyright issues)

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